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1) 25% Match (Up to $1,000 Bonus)
2) Free 2-Pick Entry to Win $25

See below for details on how to play


How to Play

1. Choose Players

Choose 2, 3, or 4 players for an entry. Entries must contain at least one player from a different team.

2. Over/Under?

Pick if your player will go under or over their Fantasy Point Projection.

3. Profit

Sit back, turn the game on, and win! Follow how your entries are doing with our live tracker.
TESTIMONIALS This is a great fantasy app for seasoned players and newcomers alike! The app is easy to navigate, the concept is simple to get ahold of and their customer service is on the money when trying to figure things out. Would definitely recommend to any fantasy players wanting to try something new!
Branden Eubanks
TESTIMONIAL Really love this app it allows me to make my picks in the Comfort of my own home, also it has one of the Coolest easy to use formats and Funds get deposited immediately. I love give it a shot, I’m pretty sure you love it too
Willie Comer
TESTIMONIAL Great app with helpful support staff and a fresh take on daily fantasy. My new favorite app for DFS!
Ethan Truelove
TESTIMONIAL I’ve played DraftKings FanDuel 5dimes and bovada and none of them get it like predict picks does it’s not you vs 100000 other people or you relying on a group of people on one team it’s you vs your own knowledge and skill. It’s a great experience I’d recommend to any sports fan who like a little extra riding on it.
Colton Macy
TESTIMONIAL Awesome website. Customer service is TOP NOTCH. 10/10 would recommend.
Alexis Sowers

Classic Payouts

4-pick ENTRY

Pays out


3-pick ENTRY

Pays out


2-pick ENTRY

Pays out


Flex Payouts

4/4 correct on 4-pick

Pays out


3/4 correct on 4-pick

Pays out


3/3 correct on 3-pick

Pays out


2/3 correct on 3-pick

Pays out



Q: Can I play this in my state?

A: PrizePicks operates a real money game in the following states: AK AR CA CO CT DC FL GA IL KY MI MN NE NM NC ND OK OR RI SC SD TX UT WV WI WY. You cannot play real money entries, deposit, or withdraw funds from your account if you're not located in one of the states listed.

Q: why can't i place entries?

A: If you’re in one of the eligible states - a common issue is not having location services turned on. Why is that important? We must pull your location to make sure that you are in a state that we serve. To insure the best experience with us - make sure you have location services turned on for the app, and your browser.

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